Information & Communications Technology

Grand Bahama has been named the Technology & Innovation Hub of The Bahamas.
Information Communications Technology Infrastructure

Infrastructure meets International - Best services demand for voice and data communications

Multiple carrier networks allow easy and cost-competitive international access, and robust broadband Internet services are available at competitive rates.

Grand Bahama is equipped to accommodate organizations seeking business process outsourcing opportunities in a range of industries, including customer care call centres, cyber/ commercial internet based services, travel services, technical support, education, legal/medical transcription, finance/accounting, and virtual records management.

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Nearshore Jurisdiction

Offshore jurisdictions like Grand Bahama are ideally positioned to provide Grand Bahama easy access from the US and Canada, with multiple flights from major hubs in both countries servicing the island daily. This contrasts Grand Bahama with many other English-speaking delivery points, which can entail a full day’s travel. Grand Bahama offers a complete solution for ecommerce and offshore telephonic customer service operations, usually with more attractive terms than those available onshore.

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